14 Gauge Marine Wire

In general, there is absolutely no way to overestimate the importance of a marine vessel’s electrical system. With the vessel itself operating in some tough environments, you want to make sure that it is durable enough to maintain its operation across the board.

To ensure this, you will need to incorporate the 14 gauge marine wire. With this marine grade wire, you have an option that comes with a considerably higher thickness rating than most other wires. Its conductor comes with a moderate size as well, making it perfect for different marine electrical connections.

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  • Copper Conductor:The 14 gauge wire comes with a copper conductor, which helps to improve the wire’s corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. The conductor can be stranded or solid, although stranded wires come with higher flexibility levels.
  • Marine-Grade Insulation: The 14 gauge tinned marine wire also comes with marine-grade material insulation. The insulation material can be cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), all of which will protect the material from chemicals, oil, moisture, and other elements.
  • Tinned Copper Coating:A considerable number of14 gauge wire rating options come with the tinner copper coating, which offers improved protection from the corrosion that can come from exposure to saltwater.
  • Temperature Rating:A 14 gauge marine speaker wire is mostly built to handle high-temperature operation. This way, the wire is able to ensure proper reliability and safety in high-power situations.

With the 14 gauge duplex marine wire, you have a product that works across different functionalities. Some of its most prominent uses include:

  • Lighting Systems: The most prominent 14 gauge wire use is for navigation lights, interior lights, and other auxiliary lighting options on watercraft.
  • Bilge Pumps and Water Systems:Just as well, the 14 gauge wire is commonly used to connect bilge pumps and other water systems.
  • Communication and Entertainment: For the seamless operation of entertainment systems, communication devices, and other small electronic equipment, you can count on the 14 gauge marine wire.