18 Gauge Marine Wire

With 18 gauge marine wires, you have a balanced solution for optimal performance and safety when operating a watercraft’s electrical system. These wires are relatively thin compared to other higher gauge sizes, so that means that they work best for applications that have lower power requirements across the board – as well as minimal voltage drop considerations.

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  • Conductor Material: The marine grade 18 gauge wire is mostly made with tinned copper to optimize its resistance to corrosion. If you know anything about working in marine environments, you’d know that this is a significant consideration.
  • Low-Power Lighting: You can also find an 18 gauge striped wire that works to power small LED or incandescent lights. In fact, this just might be where they shine the most.
  • Color Coding: In some cases, you can find different wires coming in different colors. These colors provide a better way for you to group the wires based on the 18 gauge wire capacity, meaning that you know which wire works best for a specific functionality.
  • Space-Efficient: Thanks to their relatively thin diameter, the 18 gauge marine wires allow for easier installation – especially in crowded areas and tight spaces on the boat.
  • Low Voltage Drop: For applications with minimal current requirements, this wire gauge experiences lower voltage drop, ensuring efficient power delivery to connected devices.

18 gauge marine wire finds its primary applications in marine electrical systems for various onboard devices and equipment, including:

  • Small Electronics: In the most ideal situation, the 18 gauge wire rating is perfect for powering smaller electronic devices – from radios to fish finders, stereos, and navigation units.
  • Switches and Controls: You can also use the wires to connect various switches and controls throughout the vessel, such as bilge pump switches, navigation light switches, and other control panels.