Top 10 Cable Drag Chain Manufacturers of 2023

Looking for a cable drag chain manufacturer that can support your cable carrier needs? We have collected some of the biggest names in the cable drag chain industry to narrow down your long list of prospected suppliers.

Cable Drag Chain Manufacturers

According to research, from 2022 to 2030, the market for cable drag chains is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 4.5%. The rise in cleanroom use across numerous sectors and the rising demand for industrial automation contribute to the growth of the drag chains market globally. Because it is less expensive and easier to install than enclosed type and other types of drag chains, the open type segment is anticipated to dominate the global market during the forecast period.

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1. Hennig Cable Drag Chain

Since 1950, Hennig Worldwide has established itself as a global leader in developing and implementing comprehensive solutions for establishing and maintaining secure and productive work environments. Their core competencies are Chip Management, Machine Protection, and Facility Safety, which are tailored to the needs of manufacturers, Safety Facilities, Stand-by Power Systems, and Maintenance Facilities around the world. Through their dedication to excellence, Hennig creates regional employment opportunities, serves local communities, and satisfies the global requirements of machine tool customers.
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2. Murrplastik Cable Drag Chain

Murrplastik operates as an international company with branches and offices in the French, Italian, Swiss, Spanish, U.S., and Chinese markets, as well as numerous offices in Europe, South America, and Africa, as well as Australia and Asia. Their system provides a comprehensive solution for a wide range of applications, including cable drag chains, guide molds, lead, strain relief, and assembly. Murrplastik chains have a proven quality and durability track record under high levels of constant loads and environmental pressures. Their fast-deliver-able chain systems are competitively priced.
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3. Grand Ocean Cable Drag Chain

A reputable and experienced supplier of marine shipboard cable, offshore cable, maritime safety equipment, special cable, cable drag chain, and other related items, Grand Ocean Marine Co., Ltd. Grand Ocean’s sales team can understand your needs and manage the projects quickly and competently because they have more than 20 years of expertise in the export industry. Their goods have received regulatory approval from organizations like ABS, BV, CCS, NK, LR, RS, DNV-GL, RINA, and KR.
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4. Helukabel Cable Drag Chain

The HELUKABEL Group is a mid-sized, family-owned and operated company renowned for its excellence, reliability, and commitment to innovation. It is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of electrical connection technology, with 63 locations, including manufacturing and sales offices, in 39 countries. HELUKABEL is a reliable partner for its clients in the infrastructure and industrial sectors. It provides a comprehensive range of electrical connection technology solutions, including over 33,000 stock items and custom-made cables.
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5. Tsubaki Cable Drag Chain

If you’re looking for high-quality goods for a wide range of markets and applications, U.S.Tsubaki Power Transmission LLC has you covered. They make everything from roller and conveyor chains to sprockets, cables and hose carriers, clutches, backstops, and continuous flex cables. Plus, they have a vast range of cutting-edge products for any use and customized solutions for your specific needs and applications. Tsubaki’s drag chains come in various product types with pre-determined cable carrier widths, so you know you’re getting dependable and robust products at a great price. Plus, they install cable and hose quickly and easily.
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6. Dynatect Cable Drag Chain

Dynatect’s cable carriers are made in North America from plastic and metal, so you don’t have to worry about delayed finished items when they’re shipped overseas. Plus, they have an easy-to-use CAD configuration tool with many different bracket types, sizes, and configurations. But that’s not all – Dynatect also offers a range of other great solutions, like custom clamps and strain relief, electric junction boxes, and hose manifolds. They also have two arms and enclosures, pre-installed cable, hose, connection cables, and installation supervision.
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7. IGUS Cable Drag Chain

IGUS Plastic E-Chain® cable carriers offer superior strength and durability compared to traditional plastic cable drag chains. This is achieved through the rigorous testing of highly advanced plastic materials within the 41,000-square-meter test facility in the company’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany. Additionally, readychain® can be pre-assembled with chainflex®, high-flexibility cables, significantly reducing assembly costs and time. These cable chains offer multiple movement and length options and smooth shapes that make them cable-compatible.
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8. Megus Cable Drag Chain

Megus is one of Taiwan’s leading machine tool component manufacturers. It has extensive experience in machine tool component manufacturing and R&D. Megus specializes in customization and is highly professional. Megus has also established a comprehensive supply chain of downstream and upstream manufacturers and an extensive customer database. This allows Megus to meet customers’ needs for products on time. Engineered plastic is employed to construct Megus Cable Drag Chains in the injection molding process. The flange is formed through a metal punching process.
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9. Aeros USA Cable Drag Chain

AerosUSA is an industry leader in the sectors it serves, such as manufacturing and telecommunications, and is aware of the importance of cable management and protection for your organization’s operations. Using a flexible cable guide will ensure the organization of cables and hoses for easy maintenance, the prevention of tangling, the reduction of tension, and the protection of the lines from dirt and debris. AerosUSA’s durable and long-term flexible cable chains are intended to maintain the profitability of your machinery. Aeros USA’s loose cable tracks are hinged for easy manual loading to ensure clients get the most out of each product. Furthermore, they will allow cable loading throughout the width for maximum efficiency.
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10. Gurukrupa Cable Drag Chain

With their excellent quality Bellow Covers, Gurukrupa Engineering is revolutionizing the industrial sector in the thriving city of Pune. A broad selection of Bellow Covers, including Cable Darg Chain, Laser machine Bellow cover, Fabric Bellow cover, and Telescopic Cover, are available from this leading supplier in the area. For companies looking for dependable and long-lasting Bellow Covers in Pune, Gurukrupa Engineering stands out as the ideal option, thanks to their dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Gurukrupa Engineering can provide the protection required for cables, machinery, or other industrial applications.
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Understanding Cable Drag Chain

Cable Drag Chains, also known as Cable Chains, Cable Carriers, Energy Chains or Cable Tracks, are designed to support and protect moving cables. Constructed from plastic or steel, they can be used in various applications. These chains can be employed in multiple applications, regardless of the location of the moving cables or hose. Examples of such applications include machine tools, automated process equipment, vehicle carriers, washing systems, cranes, and more. Furthermore, cable drag chains are available in a wide range of sizes.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Cable Drag Chain

The selection of the appropriate cable track for an application is contingent upon several factors. The type of material to be used for a cable track will be determined by the requirements of the application, how the cable track is to be traveled, and the level of durability required. Selecting the appropriate drag chain can help prevent premature carrier or cable breakdown.

Track clearances are determined by the size of what is inside the track. The most extensive cables require the consent of 10% of their outer diameter. Hydraulic hoses require a clearance of 20% of the hoses’ outer diameter. Pneumatic lines need 15% more space than their outer diameter. These clearances ensure that the cables, pipes, or hoses have enough space to move within the track without being pinched or rubbed by the carrier, resulting in premature cable wear. The clearances, lines, and hoses must be added to ensure the carrier is wide enough.
Type of Cable
Carriers come in several kinds that offer a range of access points to the wires. The nonopening type is best suited for compact applications since it prevents access to the wire from the track’s center. However, the cables are accessible through the hinged crossbars, generally opened with a screwdriver or another instrument. This stops the crossbars from accidentally opening while being used.

Cable Movement
The type of motion needed for the drag cable should also be considered, in addition to the form of cable access. Movement can be divided into two categories: linear motion and rotating motion. It is advised to use linear cable tracks for straight-line motion. However, a rotating design is necessary if the carrier is meant to move around bends, such as in the case of machinery that transfers the track in one or more rotations. Depending on whether they support several cycles or merely one, rotary rotators are perfect for robotic or automated gear.

Cable Durability
The type of application affects cable track durability. For instance, due to their distant position and the challenge of changing them regularly, offshore oil rig carriers must be able to survive extreme weather conditions while being durable over an extended length of time. Determine whether steel or plastic cable drag chains are needed because of their capacity to tolerate significantly high operating temperatures and the possibility of fire dangers while considering the durability of cable tracks.


A cable drag chain is an unappreciated aspect of electrical wiring. It guides, supports, and protects a wide range of constant flex cables and hoses, including bio-oil, microbial-resistant, and abrasion- and biofuels-resistant lines. It is also environmentally friendly as it is made from recyclable material. The fact that most people are clueless about cable drag chains is quite surprising.
In recent years, the world has seen tremendous industrial growth. Given the dependability of the current state of industries for this component, choosing which manufacturer you want to work with when it comes to cable management systems becomes crucial. Above are some of the top brands you can consider as a partner in the future.