Drag Chain Cable

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Drag Chain Cable

In contemporary engineering and industrial applications, drag chain cables—also known as cable carriers or energy chains—are a crucial element. These specialized cables are made to be flexible and strong, able to tolerate severe surroundings and repetitive motion. Drag chain cables are effectively used to organize and secure electrical, data, and pneumatic lines, assuring smooth operation and reducing damage. They are used in many industries, including automation, robotics, and equipment. They are essential for increasing equipment longevity and ensuring ongoing operations in challenging environments thanks to their dependable performance.

Types of Drag Chain Cables

This kind of cable is made especially for use in drag chain applications. Its flexible, sturdy design resists bending and twisting during continuous movement, enabling dependable data or power transfer in industrial automation systems.

Designed to survive intense flexing cycles, high-flex drag chain cables provide greater adaptability and stretching resistance, making them the perfect choice for highly dynamic automation systems with constant movement and periodic changes in cable direction.

Drag chain cables that are oil-resistant preserve their performance and endurance while operating reliably in industrial settings exposed to oils, lubricants, and more, safeguarding delicate electronics and maintaining uninterrupted signal transmission.

Using a shielding layer to prevent EMI and RFI, shielded drag chain cables are ideal for use in magnetically noisy conditions, guaranteeing signal integrity and minimising signal loss.

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3D Printing

Drag chain cables are used in 3D printers to control the motion of the print head and other parts. These cables deliver dependable power and data transmission while enabling the printer to run smoothly during the complex manufacturing process.

Wind turbines

To ensure optimal energy production and dependability in a variety of weather circumstances, drag chain cables are essential in wind turbine installations for transmitting power and communication between the fixed base and the oscillating blades and nacelle.

CNC Machines

Drag chain cables are used in computer numerical control (CNC) machines to connect the control unit to the machine's moving parts flexibly and reliably. This prevents cable damage and ensures accurate data transmission during fast speeds machining processes.

Drag Chain Cable Specification

Bend RadiusTo survive frequent bending while being used, drag chain cables must be flexible. The smallest bend radius that a cable may withstand without being damaged will be specified by the manufacturer.
InsulationTo protect against electrical and environmental variables, the conductors are coated with substances like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PUR (Polyurethane), TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), or similar specialized compounds.
Cross-Sectional Area Measured typically in square millimeters (mm2) or American Wire Gauge (AWG), the cross-sectional area of the conductors influences the cable’s capacity to transmit current.
ConductorsDepending on the precise use and the signals or current the cable must transport, the number and kind of conductors (wires) within will vary. Copper, tinned copper, and copper alloys are examples of common conductor types.
Voltage RatingThis specifies the highest voltage that the cable is capable of handling safely. The usual units for voltage ratings are volts (V) or kilovolts (kV).