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Drum Reeling Cable

A cable reeling drum works on special applications such as power transmission and electric transfer and works automatically on winding and unwinding cable through a roller guideway. It is shaped like a drum carrying different electrical wires and transporting wire products and fiber optics.

Types of Drum Reeling Cables

In areas with a higher risk of an explosion, this is the perfect cable to use, as it can work on high mechanical loads. Also, it can be used outdoors and in dump locations.

These are used in stacker reclaimers, rail-mounted gantry cranes, and ship-to-shore cranes, among other applications. In addition, ship unloaders and other forms of heavy mobile equipment also make use of them.

This is typically utilized in tunnels, mining operations, oil drilling at sea, and ships. It is used alongside various other systems, such as festoons, cranes, and wind motions.

This is also utilized in the mining industry, on ships, tunnels, and offshore oil platforms. As a consequence of this, its characteristics are comparable to those of high-tension TPE drum reeling cables.

This is utilized in the mining industry, on ships, in tunnels, and on oil platforms out at sea.


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Features of Drum Reeling Cable

Weather and UV Resistance

It is believed that drum reeling cables will last longer in extreme temperatures and moisture than standard wires. Drum reeling cables should be carefully selected, considering factors such as insulation type (PVC, TPE, or TPU) and length.

Can Resist to High Mechanical Stress

The cable you choose for drum reeling must survive being wound and unwound repeatedly. Selecting a solid cable to bear the workload will ensure its longevity.

Flame and Oil Resistance

If you want to be sure that your drum reeling cable is protected from oil and other chemicals, look for one that has good insulation and is resistant to these substances. Drum reeling cables should not readily catch fire since friction generates heat during the winding and unwinding processes.

Flexibility and Better Insulation

Depending on the intended usage of the cable, a specific type of insulation may be preferable while shopping for drum reeling cable. Since drum reeling cable is typically used for tasks that demand frequent winding and unwinding, its adaptability is also crucial.

Drum Reeling Cable Specification

NUMBER OF CORE2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core, 8 Core
RANGE6GA, 0GA, 2GA, 4GA, 18GA, 8GA, 14GA, 10GA, 15GA, 12GA, 16GA, 20GA and ultra classic strands
APPLICATIONSDocks, Power Plants, Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Automobile Industries and Refineries
STANDARDSIEC-60228, IEC-60502, IEC-60332