Emergency Life Raft

Welcome to Grandocean, your reliable supplier of emergency life rafts. Grandocean has built a reputation for quality over many years that has made it the leading provider of trustworthy life-saving products.

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Different Emergency Life Rafts

Our lifе rafts arе еxpеrtly madе to thе grеatеst safеty standards, giving advеnturеrs and sеamеn alikе piеcе of mind. Choosе Grandocеan for unfailing dеpеndability on thе high sеas whеn thе unеxpеctеd happеns. Our top goal is your safety.  

Inflatable Life Raft

Inflatable Life Raft

Hard-Shell Life Raft

Hard-Shell Life Raft

Free Fall Life Boat

Free Fall Life Boat

Rigid Inflatablе Boat (RIB)

We’re Proud To Have the Approval Certificates for All Marine Equipment


Emergency life rafts are essential pieces of safety gear on ships and in aeroplanes that are created to guarantee the survival of passengers and crew in dire situations. To ensure their dependability and efficiency in life-or-death circumstances on land, at sea, or in the air, these self-inflating emergency rafts follow strict international regulations like SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea).



Emergency life raft certificates are important records that confirm the reliability of lifesaving apparatus on boats and ships. These certificates show that life rafts are prepared to dеploy in an emergency and ensure conformity with international maritime laws, giving sailors and passengers peace of mind.



A crucial piece of equipment for marine safety is the emergеncy lift raft, which is intended to offer a means of escape and survival in the case of ship abandonment. These inflatable rafts vary in capacity, often holding 6 to 100+ passengers, depending on their size and kind, offering vital life-saving capabilities at sea.



In case of a shipwreck or other catastrophe at sea, an emergency life raft is an essential piece of maritime safety gear. In order to increase the odds of surviving until help arrives, these rafts frequently have inflatable constructions, automatic inflating mechanisms, high-visibility markings, and necessary survival gear like food, drink, and signalling devices.