Marine Airbag Supplier in China

Grand Ocean is a professional manufacturer of marine airbags that are made from heavy-duty rubber and tire-cord layers. These are widely used in ship launching, buoyancy underwater installation, and more.
Can adapt to harsh environments
Efficient, practical, and economic
Ultra-high pressure, safety operation, and wear-resistance
Available in-stock and customize

Custom Marine Airbags

Marine airbags are also called as ship launching airbags, inflatable marine airbags, launching air balloons, air lift bags, roller bags, and more. These are commonly used for ship haul-out, ship landing, or launching marine vessels. It is also used for stranded boat salvage, lifting sunken ships, and more. These are made from specialized rubbers with heavy-duty synthetic tire-cord layers. Marine airbags have a common cylindrical balloon shape.

Grand Ocean is a manufacturer that specializes in the production of excellent performance, long-lasting, and anti-aging marine airbags. All our ship launching bags are guaranteed to provide flexibility, time-saving, safety, and investment saving features. Grand Ocean is committed to providing innovative materials, designs, and production technology to meet the industry requirements.

Floating Rubber Marine Airbag

Floating Rubber Marine Airbag

Our floating rubber marine airbags are manufactured with a long life span, movable, and reusable features. It also comes with a pull ring and an inflatable tool.
Boat Launching Marine Airbag

Boat Launching Marine Airbag

Grand Ocean boat launching marine airbags are available with different accessories including a heating plate, thermometer, repair material, ball valve, and more.
Rubber Salvage Airbags

Rubber Salvage Airbags

We offer rubber salvage airbags that are designed with high lifting capacity. It can also work under high pressure up to 0.12Mpa while considering safety.
Marine Airbags

Inflatable Ship Landing Airbag

Our inflatable ship landing airbags feature corrosion resistance, anti-tearing, money-saving, time-saving, high energy absorption, and compressed air.
Durable Inflatable Marine Airbags

Durable Inflatable Marine Airbags

We manufacture durable inflatable marine airbags that are widely used for ship upgrading, ship conversion, launching, or lifting sunken ships.
Cargo Boat Rubber Lifting Airbags

Cargo Boat Rubber Lifting Airbags

Grand Ocean designs cargo boat rubber lifting airbags with high pressure, high bearing capacity, knead resistance, anti-aging, and high flexibility.

Why Choose Grand Ocean Marine Airbags

Long Life Service

We designed marine airbags that can last up to 6 years if maintained and stored properly.

Abrasion Resistant

Grand Ocean marine airbags are designed with 6 to 12 plies layer to withstand abrasion and puncture.

Superior Tensile Strength

With its superior tensile strength, our marine airbags are able to bear high working pressure.

Excellent Lifting Capacity

Our marine airbags can lift 300 up to 500 tons with safe low pressure with its high lifting capacity.

Marine Airbags Specification

Product Type Marine airbags
Diameter 1.0m up to 2m, customized
Working Pressure (Mpa) Ranges from 0.20 to 0.10
Working Height 0.6m to 1.2m, customized
Bearing Capacity (Unit Length) KN/m: 125.76 to 188.64 Ton/m: 12.82 to 19.23
Acceptance Test Gas-Tightness Test, Bursting Test, Bearing Test, Compression-Recovery Test, and more
Burst Test ISO14409, ISO17682, CB/T 3795-1996, CB/T 3837-1998
Models and Types Ordinary airbag, high bearing capacity airbag, superior bearing capacity airbag

Benefits of Using Grand Ocean Marine Airbags

Using our salvage airbag comes with different benefits and advantages such as:

  • Time-saving
  • Reusable
  • Economical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost and labor efficient
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Portable
  • Flexible

Marine Airbag Applications

Because of its versatility, our marine airbags are suitable for different applications such as:

  • Floating dock
  • General cargo ships
  • Ship drydocking
  • Barge vessels
  • Tugboats
  • Ship salvage
  • Barge vessels
  • Chemical tankers, and more

Materials Used for Marine Airbag Production

Marine Airbags Specification
Marine Airbags Specification

We produce marine ship launching airbags that are made from different materials including:

Outer and Inner Rubber

The specialized rubber to be used for marine airbag production is subjected to prior testing to meet international standards for tensile strength, elongation at break, hardness, tear strength, compression set, change of hardness, and more. The outside part of our marine airbags is also made from an outer rubber layer that serves as protection against external forces such as abrasion.

Synthetic Tire-Cord Layer

The reinforcement layer of our marine airbags is made from synthetic tire-cord fabric layers. We used holistic wrapping technology to twine it to different angles.

Marine Airbag End Fittings
  • End flange
  • Sealing washer
  • End plug
  • Pressure gauge
  • Brass ball valves
  • Three-way connector
  • Mouth
  • Head
  • Body
Available Accessories
  • High performance repair kit
  • Industry-grade air inlet valve
  • Gasket seal
  • Pipe fittings
  • Industrial pressure gauge
  • End-seal ring
  • Air tightness swivel fittings

Why Choose Grand Ocean as Your Marine Airbag Manufacturer

Quality Control Processes
Quality Control Processes

Grand Ocean offers superior manufacturing and control processes to ensure quality.

  • Quality control on raw material procurement
  • Highly skilled and advanced production process
  • Professional engineering team
Offers Marine Airbag Repair Kits
Offers Marine Airbag Repair Kits

We offer marine airbags that comes with complete repair kits including the following:

  • Air pressure gauges
  • Control panel
  • End caps
Provides Economical and Portable Airbags
Provides Economical and Portable Airbags

Our marine airbags are manufactured with portable and economical features to meet your requirements.

  • Suitable for small and medium ships
  • Ideal alternative for an expensive dry dock
  • Able to launch ships with 100 to 13500-ton weight

Premier Quality Marine Airbags Manufacturer in China

We offer marine airbags that can provide good product lifespan, excellent performance, and high quality. Grand Ocean also offers professional after-sales services, unrivalled expertise, and the best prices.

Marine Airbags – A Complete FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about marine airbags and their uses, you’ve come to the right place! This ultimate FAQ guide will answer all your questions about marine airbags, from how they’re constructed to where they’re used. So, don’t wait any longer – dive right in and get access to a host of helpful information about this fascinating topic.

1. What are Marine Airbags?

Fig 1 Marine Airbags

Figure 1: Marine Airbags

Marine airbags offer a unique and revolutionary way to conveniently launch and land vessels such as ships, barges, and cargo boats from the shoreline. In the traditional method of launching and landing these vessels, there is a need for large-scale infrastructure, such as piers and other structures, to create enough space for the vessel.

But with marine airbags, all you need is an inflated floating device that lets your ship safely launch or land onshore!

2. What are the Pros of Marine Airbags?

Naval ship launching and maneuvering operations are made less difficult with the use of marine airbags, which come with various advantages that make them ideal for this purpose.

They are incredibly reusable, eco-friendly, time-saving, and economical, making them cost and labor efficient.

3. Write Some Characteristics of Marine Airbags.

  • Round inflatable marine airbags are designed to help launch and retrieve vessels in the safest way possible.
  • They are made of high-strength reinforced thermoplastic rubber, which is highly resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion.
  • The airbags have multiple layers of fabric reinforcement, giving them additional strength and durability.
  • The marine airbags have an adjustable pressure system that allows them to be inflated with either low or high pressure based on specific requirements.
  • They also provide superior buoyancy, enabling the vessel to float safely even in rough seas.

4. What are the Marine Airbags Applications?

Fig 2 Marine Airbags Applications

Figure 2: Marine Airbags Applications

  • Launcher and Retriever: Marine airbags are used to launch and retrieve vessels from a seaworthy location, as they provide the necessary buoyancy to do so safely.
  • Port Construction: Marine airbags are also used in port construction as they offer an environmentally-friendly solution for maintaining water depths.
  • Salvage Operations: Marine airbags are often used in salvage operations, such as lifting sunken boats or objects from the sea floor.
  • Mooring and Berthing: As marine airbags have excellent tensile strength, they are commonly used for the mooring and berthing of vessels, helping them stay moored securely at all times.
  • Dock Reconstruction: Marine airbags can be used to aid dock reconstruction works, providing a controlled and safe means of lifting or relocating docks with minimal disruption.
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms: Marine airbags are utilized during platform installation in the offshore oil & gas industry, aiding safe transportation from point A to point B without damaging the environment or affecting surrounding infrastructure.

5. What Material is Used for the Manufacturing of Marine Airbags?

Tire cords and synthetic rubber have been proven to be highly effective in manufacturing marine airbags. They can withstand the multiple layers of pressure against them, like the saltwater and friction caused by rough surfaces on rocks, while providing a strong yet airtight seal.

It creates an incredibly reliable product by combining these parts into a single composite material that is safe and durable. It also ensures no foreign objects can penetrate or harm the marine airbag, thus making it well-suited for lifting and moving heavy vessels in both inland waterways and coastal sea areas.

With tire-cord layers integrated into its design, this technology has truly revolutionized how today’s marine transportation works!

6. Write a Few Marine Airbags Types?

Down below are a few of them:

Floating Rubber Marine Airbag

Fig 3 Floating Rubber Marine Airbags

Figure 3: Floating Rubber Marine Airbags

Flexible rubber marine airbags provide a dependable solution for the maritime industry. They provide a long-lasting, movable, and reusable resource for many uses. Its construction is designed to be maneuverable, so you can get it in the exact place that you need it.

Additionally, they come with a convenient pull ring and an inflatable tool so you can adjust them easily. Floating rubber marine airbags make any maritime operation run smoother and safer!

Boat Launching Marine Airbag

Fig 4 Boat Launching Marine Airbag

Figure 4: Boat Launching Marine Airbag

Boat launching marine airbags provide an efficient and reliable solution when a boat needs to be put into or taken out of the water. Many come with an array of helpful accessories. These include the often-necessary heating plate and thermometer to give you more control over the environment while launching your boat.

Furthermore, many packages come complete with extra repair material, spare valves, or even a handy ball valve to give you even better control of your launching experience.

Rubber Salvage Airbag

Fig 5 Rubber Salvage Airbag

Figure 5: Rubber Salvage Airbag

They provide high lifting capacity yet can work safely at up to 0.12Mpa of pressure. Whether you’re retrieving sunken vessels or maneuvering ships into tight spaces, rubber salvage airbags can save the day.

It is worth considering this specialized technology if you rely on water transport as part of your business. With their advanced capabilities, rubber salvage airbags can easily take care of any challenges while transporting goods on the water.

Inflatable Ship Landing Airbag

Fig 6 Inflatable Ship Landing Airbag

Figure 6: Inflatable Ship Landing Airbag

The setting sail has just gotten more accessible with the introduction of the incredible inflatable ship landing airbag. These fantastic bags are made to survive in some of the most challenging conditions, being corrosion-resistant and nearly invincible to sharp objects.

Not only is this great for ensuring your ships stay safe at sea, but it can save you a lot of money: these airbags will save you time and money as they readily absorb high energy impacts. Plus, you need compressed air to get them up and running!

Cargo Boat Rubber Lifting Airbag

Fig 7 Cargo Boat Rubber Lifting Airbag

Figure 7: Cargo Boat Rubber Lifting Airbag

If you’re a boat enthusiast looking for a reliable, durable means of lifting and transporting your vessel, look no further than cargo boat rubber lifting airbags. Designed to be high-pressure, the bags can bear a substantial amount of weight and remain flexible even after lots of use.

The material is also knead-resistant and anti-aging, ensuring a long-lasting solution that won’t diminish after repeated use. And with their incredible versatility, you can count on these airbags as your go-to method for safely moving your cargo boats from one place to another!

7. What Factors Should Be Considered Before Buying Marine Airbags?

When considering the purchase of marine airbags, there are several factors you should take into account.

To begin with, you’ll need to make sure that the model and size are suitable for your particular vessel. You’ll then want to do extensive research on the manufacturer and find out what kind of warranty they offer; a solid warranty can give you peace of mind in knowing that your marine airbags will last for years to come.

Additionally, be sure to look around at different prices and compare them; some manufacturers may offer deals or discounts on larger orders, so it pays to shop around before making any decisions.

Finally, if possible, try to get a personal recommendation from someone who has used that brand name before; this can be an invaluable resource when it comes time to pick out the best fit for your boat! With all these considerations taken into account, you can be sure to make an informed decision about purchasing marine airbags.

8. Why Select Grand Ocean For Your Marine Airbags Needs?

Grand Ocean is one of the leading marine airbag manufacturers in the world, and they offer a wide range of products that are designed to meet your specific requirements. The quality control processes ensure that all their products meet international safety and durability standards and provide necessary compliance with official regulations. This means that you can be confident in the quality of airbags from the Grand Ocean.

In addition to new airbags, Grand Ocean also offers repair kits for any damages or problems that may have occurred with existing airbags. This ensures that your vessels can always remain safe and seaworthy, no matter what unexpected issues arise.

Grand Ocean offers a selection of budget-friendly and portable marine airbags suited for projects of any size. They are easy to store and transport between different sites, making them suitable for various applications, including docking activities and construction works in ports or other coastal operations.

Their marine airbag products feature an abrasion-resistant outer layer that is resistant to damage from various kinds of debris, such as stones or rocks, while being launched or retrieved from the ocean floor. The tough fabric reinforcement on the inside layers further enhances its durability and strength, ensuring long-term reliability even under extreme weather conditions.

Choosing Grand Ocean’s marine airbag solutions will give you peace of mind knowing that your vessel is safe and secure at all times during transport or operations. With their comprehensive repair kits, you’ll also be able to rest assured that any repairs or maintenance can be undertaken quickly with minimal disruption to your operations.