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Marine Safety Equipment

Marine Safety Equipment are essential for passenger and cargo vessels, offshore installations as well as fishing and yachting boats.Grand Ocean is a Chinese supplier with SOLAS / MED certification offering a wide range of marine safety and life-saving equipment, for everything from small boats up to commercial vessels, including personnel transfer basket, inflatable life raftslife jackets,immersion suit,life float & buoys and basket stretchers.

Grand Ocean’s export activities expand worldwide including the Europe,Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Africa, Asia, Australia and the United States.All of our marine safety and life-saving equipment are SOLAS standard and with EC,CCS,ABS or CE certificates.

Personnel Transfer Basket

Personnel transfer basket is intended for offshore transfer, which enhances safety levels for personnel being lifted from oil rigs and ships. Grand Ocean personal transfer baskets are manufactured under the ABS equipment type approval program.ABS certification can be requested at additional cost.

Inflatable Life Raft

Inflatable life rafts are essential survival equipment for yacht up to commercial ships.The emergency life raft is SOLAS standard with EC & CCS certified. Grand Ocean liferafts include throw-overboard type, davit-launched type, self-righting type, open-reversible type and yacht life raft.

Life Jackets

Grand Ocean supply a wide range of life jackets, including SOLAS life jacket for commercial vessels,three pieces PVC foam life vest for offshore work,marine work vest, inflatable life jacket & neoprene vest for leisure purpose.We also offer OEM service for custom life jacket vest.

Immersion Suit

The immersion suits are approved by SOLAS LSA code MSC 81/70.They are intended for general commercial vessels and protect against hypothermia inside cold water.The immersion suits are equipped with a waterproof zipper, watertight hood, whistle,reflective tapes,neoprene pocket and gloves.

Life Float & Life Buoys

Life floats and buoys are SOLAS standard and ideal for commercial ships.They help people survive in an emergency situation as they can provide additional flotation until they can be rescued.Grand Ocean also supplies lifeguard rescue can and rescue tube for leisure purpose.

Basket Stretcher

Basket Stretcher is widely used in special emergency situations, such as in the mountains, and marine offshore application.With its special sling equipment, the rescue basket stretcher is ideal for lifted and transported by helicopter.The stretchers are approved by CE certificate.