Immersion Suit


Immersion Suit

    • Comply with SOLAS 1974 and latest amendment
    • Certificates: EC, CCS, ZY
    • Size: S (1500-1650mm);M(1650-1800mm);
      L (1800-1950mm); XL(1950-2050mm).
    • Accessories:Life Jacket Light, Whistle,Stainless Steel Harness
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Immersion Suit, also called survival suit, is a special waterproof dry suit that protects the wearer from hypothermia in cold water, after abandoning a sinking ship, especially in the ocean.Immersion survival suit is an important life saving equipment at the open sea.It can significantly improve survival time in cold water.

Grand Ocean Immersion suits are SOLAS 1974 standard and EC CCS ZY certified.It includes life jacket light, whistle and stainless steel harness.It’s important to get survival suit if you are in large open water like sea or ocean, including gas & oil rigs, sailing, commercial vessels,etc.

Immersion Suit Type I

  • SOLAS Standard
  • EC CCS Certificates
  • Polyester w/ TPU coated
  • Buoyancy Material:PE

Immersion Suit Type II

  • SOLAS Standard
  • EC CCS Certificates
  • CR/Neoprene Composite
  • Size: S M L XL