Professional Marine Valves Supplier

At Grand Ocean, we supply valves that are designed to meet the demanding requirements of marine applications. You can choose from our unlimited valve options for use in commercial vessels, offshore platforms, or recreational boats.

We can also customize each marine valve according to JIS, DIN, GB and API standards. You can send us your specific sizes, material selection, and more details. Send us your inquiries today!

Cast iron/steel, Bronze, Brass, Stainless steel
From 0.5Mpa to 6.0Mpa.
DN size
From 15mm to 1200mm.

Marine Valve Manufacturer

Marine industry requires reliable and high-quality equipment. This is to provide long-lasting service especially when this industry is exposed to corrosive seawater.

A surface ship has an average of 4000 valves. These valves types include globe valve, check valve, SDNR valve, hose valve, gate valve, storm valve, butterfly valve, quick-closing valve, air vent head and etc.

They are important for the marine industry to control the gas and liquid flow on board ships, boats, and other marine vessels.

Different Valves Used in Marine Industry

Ball Valves

We manufacture marine ball valves that are commonly used in piping systems on board ships, as they are easy to operate and maintain.

Gate Valves

Our marine gate valves are commonly used in different marine applications that require a full flow of fluid or where a low-pressure drop is required.

Butterfly Valves

Grand Ocean marine butterfly valves have a disc that rotates around a central axis to control the flow of fluid. These valves are easy and quick to install.

Globe Valves

We manufacture marine glove valves that features a disc that moves up and down. You can use it for applications that require precise control of the flow rate.

Check Valves

Our marine check valves are used are used to control the flow of fluid in one direction, preventing backflow. Thus, damage and contamination are prevented.

Sea Suction Valve

We manufacture sea suction valves that are used for controlling the flow of water in a ship’s exterior. These are operated using a hand wheel.

Why Choose Grand Ocean Marine Valves

Reliable Quality

To ensure quality, all our marine valves are manufactured under the supervision of our expert QC department. Each production stage is 100% monitored and inspected.

Reasonable Price

We have an in-house production facilities and advanced equipment to manufacture large marine valve quantity. Thus, ensuring competitive and reasonable marine valve prices.

After-Sale Service

With our expertise in the industry, we can support any problems that may occur on your marine valves. We can provide satisfactory solutions to meet your requirements.

Fast Delivery

Grand Ocean has a reliable logistic partner that allows us to deliver your marine valve order on time. We can deliver your marine valves using our convenient shipping options.

Outstanding Features and Designs

Our marine valves are typically made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, bronze, or brass to ensure corrosion resistance. 

These valves are designed to meet strict industry standards and regulations. Ensuring safe and reliable operation.

In addition to their durable construction, Grand Ocean marine valves are also designed for easy installation and maintenance. 

It features quick-release handles, allowing for easy access to the valve internals for inspection and maintenance.

Main Functions of Marine Valves

We manufacture extensive marine valve selections that can perform main functions including:

  • Non-return
  • Regulation
  • Specialized purpose
  • Isolation

Advantages of Using Marine Valves

Improved safety. It provides improved safety in marine systems by allowing operators to quickly shut off the flow of fluids in the event of an emergency or equipment failure.

Durability. Marine valves are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, including exposure to saltwater, extreme temperatures, and high pressures.

Easy to install and maintain. These are designed to be easy to install and maintain, with straightforward procedures for cleaning, lubricating, and replacing worn or damaged parts.


Important Aspects of Marine Valves


Marine valves are typically made from materials that are resistant to corrosion and erosion, such as bronze, brass, stainless steel, and cast iron. The choice of material depends on the type of fluid or gas being transported, the pressure and temperature of the fluid, and the specific environmental conditions.


Marine valves are used in various applications onboard a ship, including the main engine, auxiliary machinery, seawater cooling system, fuel system, air conditioning system, and ballast system. They are also used in offshore platforms, FPSOs, and other marine structures.


Marine valves are subject to various standards, such as the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, and the GB, JIS or DIN standards. These standards ensure the quality and safety of marine valves and their compliance with industry standards and regulations.


Proper maintenance and regular inspection of marine valves are essential to ensure their proper functioning and to prevent accidents and downtime. Maintenance procedures typically include cleaning, lubrication, testing, and replacement of worn-out components.

Marine Valve Specification

DN Size15mm to 1200mm
Pressure0.5Mpa to 6.0Mpa
StandardsJIS, DIN, API, GB
MaterialCast iron/steel, Bronze, Brass, Stainless steel
Operationmanual, electric, or pneumatic.


When selecting valves for the marine industry, it is important to consider factors such as the type of fluid being transported, the pressure and temperature of the fluid, and the size and location of the valve.
Generally, the working principle of a marine valve involves controlling the flow of fluid by opening or closing a passageway using a disc or other element that moves or rotates inside the valve body.