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Offshore Cable

Every offshore platform requires an extensive and integrated power,instrumentation, control and communication system able to perform under the most demanding working conditions,whilst preserving both human safety and the environment.

Grand Ocean Marine offshore cable have already provided cabling solution in oil production locations throughout the world for more than 10 years.The NEK 606 standard offshore cables include power cable,VFD cable,instrumentation cable and fixed wire. All cable types are approved by ABS, DNV GL classification society.

The NEK606 offshore cables are able to achieve and maintain high performance in harsh conditions of heat,cold,humidity, oil,vibration and salt corrosion,etc. We have also developed offshore cables with fire retardant, low smoke, halogen free and mud resistant capabilities.

Grand Ocean Marine is able to provide a harmonized cabling solution suitable for any type of offshore application such as FPO,FPSO,Drilling Ship,Topside,FSU and also includes products for upstream, downstream and processing,land based power generation and marine uses.

Offshore Power Cable

Offshore power cable is applicable to power, lighting and control systems on offshore platform and intended for fixed installation.It is fire retardant,low smoke,zero halogen and mud resistant cable is also available.

Offshore VFD Cable

Offshore variable frequency drive (VFD) cable is designed to carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors on offshore platform.Rating voltage is 0.6/1kV or 1.8/3kV.Offshore VFD cable has the outstanding electromagnetic compatibility.


Offshore Instrumentation Cable

Offshore Instrumentation cable is designed for instrumentation and information proceeding systems on offshore platform.It is flame retardant, low smoke,halogen free.It can be overall screen or individual screen.


Offshore Wire

Offshore wire is applicable to earthing wire,bonding wire and single wire on offshore platform for fixed installation up to 0.6/1kV.It is fire retardant,low smoke and halogen free. Flexible cable conductor is also available.