Project Description

  • CRV Inflatable Life Rafts
  • Application
    CRV inflatable life raft is in accordance with international resolution including SOLAS 96 amendment, MSC.81(70) and its amendment, Life-saving appliance(LSA), HSC, 2000 Sea Fishing Vessels Safe Rules and testing of life-saving appliances.

  • Standards
    It meets SOLAS (74/96), LSA, MSC.81(70), MSC.226(82), MSC.218(82), MSC.293(87), MSC.323(89), ISO15738(2002). Installation Height
    18 to 35 meters.

  • Equipment Outfitting
    SOLAS A or B Pack.

  • Approval Certificate

  • Distributor
    Grand Ocean Marine is able to sale most Chinese Brand Life Rafts, including Youlong Rubber, CRV Life rafts, Sea-Air Inflatable Life Rafts,HYF Pai, ZHR Liferaft,CSM Life raft.

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