Foam Life Jacket

Material Component

Outside Fabric: Polyester Oxford Cloth
Buoyant Material: EPE Foam
Reflective Tape: SOLAS reflective tape 5cm*14cm,5cm*22cm
Chest Belt: 20cm length black webbing belt,plastic buckle
Waist Belt:180cm length black webbing belt,plastic buckle
Floating line:210cm length black webbing line packed in front pocket
Accessories;whistle,floating line, Life jacket light ( optional)
Printing: Suitable Weight & Height, Logo, Operation Instruction,life jacket information

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This foam life jacket is suitable for all kinds of vessels and ships,used by seamen and passangers as life-saving equipment.

SOLAS Regulation III/4,III/7,III/22,III/34. Regulation X/3 1994 and 2000 HSC Code 8.
IMO Res. MSC.48(66)-(LSA Code) I,II.
IMO Res.MSC.81(70) as amended by MSC 200(80), MSC.323(89), MSC.207(81), MSC.218(82).

Approval Certificates

RSCY-A4≥147N0.9KGSFor AdultWhistle,lightEC/EMD
RSCY-A5≥147N0.9KGSFor AdultWhistel,lightEC/EMD
RSEY-1≥75N0.7KGSFor ChildWhistle,lightEC/EMD
RSEY-2≥75N0.7KGSFor ChildWhistle,lightEC/EMD

Foam Life Jacket


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