Project Description

  • Lifeguard Rescue Tube / Rescue Buoy
  • It is a piece of lifesaving equipment used in water rescue.
  • It is an essential part of the equipment that must be carried by lifeguards.
  • It further can act as a mark of authority, identifying an individual as a lifeguard.
  • This rescue tube has a long leash that the lifeguard wears around the body to tow the tube along while swimming a long distance. Its buoyance is enough to support full weight of victim.
Type  Material Color Product Size
( L*W*H )
Packing Size
( 10 piece )
( 1 piece )
TMS-T1R NBR Red 98*16*8CM 100*35*45CM  0.9KGS
TMS-T1Y XPE Yellow 98*16*8CM 100*35*45CM  0.9KGS
TMS-T2R NBR Red 128*16*8CM  130*35*45CM 1.1KGS
TMS-T2Y XPE Yellow 128*16*8CM  130*35*45CM 1.1KGS

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