Offshore Network Cable

Rating voltage: 300V

Maximum Rated conductor temperature: 60°

Standards applied
IEC 60332-1-2, IEC 60754-1/2, IEC 61034, IEC61156, TIA/EIA+568-B

Bending Radius for network cable: 8D

This network cable is used on ships,platform and offshore building for data network,local network for high rate data transmission at a maximum 155MHZ(Cat5E) or 350MHZ(Cat6).

Conductor: plain copper wire
Insulation: PE
Inner Screen:AL/polyester tape + tinned copper drain wire
Inner sheath: PO SHF1
Armour: Metal wire braided
Outer sheath:PO

Cable Type Size Diameter/mm Weight KG/KM
Min. Max.
Cat5E 4*2*24AWG 9.0 10.0 110
Cat6 4*2*23AWG 10.0 11.0 130

Offshore Network Cable


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