SOLAS Inflatable Life Jackets

Material of cover: waterproof polyester oxford
Expand inflation time <5s Floating Duration >24 hours
Buoyance loss after 24 hours: =5%
Weight of CO2 cylinder:33G or 55G

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SOLAS Inflatable life jackets are suitable for all kinds of vessels and ships,used by seamen and passengers as life-saving equipment.It is applicable for seagoing ships & offshore installation under extremely bad conditions.

Approval Regulations
In compliance with SOLAS 74 as amended by MSC.201(81),MSC.216(82);MSC.48(66)(LSA Code) as amended by MSC.207(81),MSC218(82);MSC.81(70) as amended by MSC.200(80),MSC.226(82),MSC.393(89).

Technical Parameters
Buoyancy:150N or 275N

Whistle, 2*CO2 cylinders, Reflection Brands, Inflatable Device, Life Jacket Light (optional)

SOLAS Inflatable Life Jackets Catalog
EC Certificate For Solas Inflatable Life Jackets


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