Throw Overboard Liferaft

Application Throw Overboard Liferaft is suitable for installing in vessels sailing on international voyages.

Standard It meets SOLAS (74/96), LSA, MSC.81(70), MSC.226(82), MSC.218(82), MSC.293(87), MSC.323(89), ISO15738(2002).

Installation Height: 18 to 50 meters.

Equipment Outfitting: SOLAS A / B Pack.

Approval Certificate: ABS, EC, DNV-GL

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Type6 Persons8 Persons10 Persons12 Persons
ShapeRegular HexagonRegular Octagon
Capacity (Persons)681012
Container Size(mm)Solas A Pack1090×615×5301230×645×550
Solas B Pack1042×554×4861090×615×530
Packaging Size(mm)Solas A Pack1130×660×6401280×680×670
Solas B Pack1090×600×5901130×660×640
Gross Weight ( kgs )≤78≤90≤102≤120
Type15 Persons16 Persons20 Persons25 Persons
ShapeRegular OctagonRegular Octagon
Capacity (Persons)15162025
Container Size(mm)Solas A Pack1285×670×6701335×696×6201490×757×678
Solas B Pack1230×645×5501285×670×6701335×696×620
Packaging Size(mm)Solas A Pack1320×720×6801400×750×7401540×805×810
Solas B Pack1280×680×6701320×720×6801400×750×750
Gross Weight ( kgs )≤130≤140≤160≤185

Throw-overboard Liferaft


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