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Special Cable

Special cables are highly recommended for applications that standard wires cannot withstand to prevent connection problems. The application of electrical wiring systems has a lot of complications, so the construction of specialty wire and cable has an advantage. Some operation areas face severe weather conditions and corrosive agents, and the presence of specialty cables can keep the instruments operational despite the environmental challenges.

Special Cable for Different Applications

It is a flexible 3/C 600V power cable, and its ungrounded feature works perfectly on naval shore-to-shop and pier side applications.

It works as a winding and unwinding cable that transmits power and electricity through a roller guideway.

It is a cable for mobile equipment and also works in powering up crane hoists. Also, it consists of bundled wires and a trolley system.

It has a design and features for moving applications which cables need protection and guide. Also, the cable guides the electric transmission into a specific path.

This is a cable specifically used to lift liquids, like oil and water from wells going to the surface. In this case, it has special features that work particularly with the presence of electrical submersible pumps.

Underwater cables

Underwater cables

It has special features like most cables, but this one can work on the seabed with a plow-like equipment. Also, it usually works with cable-laying ships.

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Important Aspects of Special Cable


Conductor materials and other technical specifications, like cores and optical fibers, play an essential role in specialty cables. These details and features make the product flexible, durable, and resistant to low and high temperatures.


Special cables have unique performance and roles in various applications, especially in sensitive and complex instrumentation. It is primarily used to transmit electric power, signals, or data.


The maximum voltage of cable insulation in specialty cables must control and maintain close contact between two conductors, with safety measurements. It will be a quick guideline for the design, performance, and construction of special cables with customization.


The maintenance of special cables depends on the size and power requirements. The fiber optic and cables go through fire condition tests to measure their durability and ensure they work correctly on particular applications.


It depends on the specific requirements requested and the complexity of the cables needed. Mostly, it takes 10-25 business days to get ready for delivery.

It can withstand the UV and Heat Rays, plus most of them has multi-conductor constructions where they can be in wet or aquatic cable applications. They are built and designed to adapt in different sets of obstacles.