Top 10 Special Cable Companies in 2024

Special Cables serve as vital components in manufacturing products; they are in charge of the processing, operational performance, and upkeep of the machinery used to make the items for the machines manufactured in your firm.

Special Cable Company

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Market Overview

In 2022, according to the special cable market, it was valued at USD 202.05 billion. Between 2023 and 2030, the market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.2%.

The special cable company sector has grown rapidly in recent years, significantly benefiting the worldwide market. This article will offer an overview of the world’s top special cable companies. Continue reading!

1. SAB Brockskes Special Cable

With over 75 years of experience in temperature monitoring and control techniques and cable production, SAB Broskes is a worldwide known cable maker and provider of cable assemblies and temperature measuring equipment. It has expanded from a one-person operation to one with approximately 550 people. It is not only in the production of regular items but also in the creation and production of unique products adapted to the needs of their customers. Every year, they make around 1500 custom-made cables at consumers’ request. The technical staff needs help with each product. SAB Broskes sees itself as both a manufacturer and a service provider in the spirit of honest collaboration and customer-focused work.
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2. Grand Ocean Special Cable

NINGBO GRANITE OCEAN MATERIAL CO., LTD is a reputable supplier of marine shipboard cable, offshore cable, maritime safety equipment, special cable, and other products. The sales staff has over 20 years of export expertise, so you can be confident that they fully understand your requirements and will handle your projects quickly and professionally, with quality as their top priority. ABS (BV), CCS (RCS), RS (DNV-GL), LR (LR), NK, KR, and RINA all authorize marine shipboard cables. Offshore cable is certified by ABS and DNV-GL. The equipment used for maritime safety is EC and CCS approved.
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3. Siccet Special Cable

Siccet is a Northern Italian family-owned and controlled firm specializing in manufacturing thermal coupling cables, compensatory and extension cables, research and technical development cables, and specialty cables. Mr. Italo Dall’Armellina founded the firm in 1977, which is currently run by his sons, Walter and Ivan, and has become a trustworthy, adaptive, dynamic, and customer-oriented reality via continual innovation in manufacturing techniques and investment in research into innovative materials. The firm has grown and expanded in experience and market presence during the last 45 years. Because of the company’s commitment to serving and supporting various clients has contributed to projects worldwide, allowing it to establish a presence in over 40 countries and realize the bulk of its initiatives.
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4. Igus Special Cable

Günter Blase created Igus on October 15, 1964, in a two-garage building in Cologne. The firm was primarily a provider of technical polymer components for the first two decades. Frank Blase built a sales engineering network and two distinct product groups, reinforced plastic cable carriers and injection molded polymer bearings (IPB), in 1983. These seemingly different items are linked by a belief in producing functionally sophisticated yet cost-effective polymer components and assemblies. Igus grew from 40 to approximately 4,500 workers between 1985 and 2022, with headquarters in Germany, 35 subsidiaries, and representative partners in over 35 countries.
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5. Reynolds Company Special Cable

The Reynolds Company, situated in Fort Worth, is one of Texas’ largest wholesale wholesalers. We’ve been in business for 38 years and have expanded to 19 sites around the United States and Louisiana. Besides exporting globally, there are various on-site facilities in the United States and overseas. They take pleasure in understanding the client’s problems and addressing them using cutting-edge technology. They are constantly searching for ways to increase digital skills, and investing in gadgets is more efficient and saves us time. The aim is to leverage technology to spend more time with clients, suppliers, and workers.
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6. Te.Co Special Cable

Te.Co. has been in business for 40 years, offering the industrial industry a devoted and well-trained crew that is always up to speed on the newest technology. Customers from throughout Italy may benefit from our expanding sales network. Te.Co. was founded in 1982 by the founder and CEO. has kept ahead of the competition, earning success locally and worldwide by utilizing high-quality goods and experienced employees.
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7. Prysmian Group Special Cable

The Prysmian Group offers the industry’s most complete services and know-how. Hundreds of kilometers of underground and undersea cable networks for electricity distribution and transmission are constructed yearly. They also manufacture medium and low-voltage lines for construction and infrastructure. They also provide optical fiber, copper cable, and telecommunications connections for voice, video, and data transfers. The Prysmian Group’s multi-brand product portfolio distinguishes them from other wire and cable firms.
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8. MacArtney Special Cable

Offshore oil and gas operators, autonomous underwater vehicles (UAVs), diving contractors and surveyors, renewable energy providers, ocean scientific institutions, and multinational navies may all benefit from Macartney Group’s entire portfolio of underwater technological solutions. The Group offers various advanced and dependable products and system solutions, from subsea cable and connector solutions to cutting-edge integrated packages like fiber optic telemetry, underwater cameras, oceanographic instruments, and marine winch systems. Its products are developed and manufactured in the problematic aquatic environment with the most significant degree of quality, efficiency, and dependability.
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9. Yazd Special Cable

Yazd Wrench and Cable Company was founded in 1980 on an 86,000 m2 plot of land. Initially, they just manufactured special wires. However, they installed and built production lines when the demand for lead-sheathed cables increased. They purchased and installed the necessary gear and equipment in 2008, and the first lead-sheathed cable was produced in 2009. The company’s long-term goal is to stay current with technology and have all the machinery and equipment from reputable manufacturers.
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10. TBS Special Cable

TBS has a significant share of its consumers in Germany. They established an independent office in Germany in 2003 to better serve customers. Initially, this branch functioned as a sales office. This area was later enlarged with its manufacturing plant. This additional manufacturing facility lets me work even more effectively. They relocated into a private building in Hemmingen in 2018. This allows them to reply rapidly and promptly provide to the consumers. The manufacturing method adheres to the same rigorous standards as TBS in the Netherlands. As one would expect from TBS, their German employees are a dependable point of contact for customers.
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Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Special Cable Company

When choosing a particular cable provider, it is critical to examine some factors to make an informed decision. The following are some of the most important things to remember:

Skills and Expertise

When looking for a manufacturer or supplier of unique cables, evaluate their industry background and experience, such as if they have completed comparable projects or supplied cables for similar reasons.

Durability and Quality

Cables built for specific uses may be subject to some requirements and standards. It is critical to evaluate the company’s commitment to quality control methods and certifications, such as ISO 9001, to verify its track record of providing trustworthy and long-lasting cables.

Capabilities in Manufacturing

Examine the production processes and facilities of the firm. Are they employing cutting-edge technology and equipment? Can they manage mass production if necessary? Knowing their production methods will give you confidence that they can satisfy the requirements of your project.

Customer Reviews and References

Examine consumer feedback and product and service reviews. Learn what other customers have said about their customized cables after using them in comparable situations. Request references from the organization to learn more about how well they perform and how delighted their clients are.


Special cables are highly significant in various sectors and applications because they are custom-made, dependable, operate well, are safe, and exceed industry requirements. They are tailored to your needs and issues, resulting in tailored solutions. Special cables ensure the safety of everyone, everything, and the environment. All of these lists of companies may be located in this post, and you may even be able to connect with companies that deal with numerous brands.