Top 15 Type P Cable Manufacturers of 2024

In industrial and high-power applications, selecting the suitable Type P cable and the manufacturer behind it is paramount. To aid you in this crucial decision, this article offers insights into the top 15 Type P Cable Manufacturers.

Top 15 Type P Cable Manufacturers

We’ll also provide a concise overview of what Type P cable is, its pivotal role, and the key factors you should consider when choosing a manufacturer. This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge needed to ensure the efficiency and safety of your high-power projects.

Note: With a forecasted valuation of $148.6 billion in 2021 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% from 2022 to 2031, the global power cable market is expected to reach $277.8 billion.

Type P Cable Manufacturers

Leading Type P Cable Providers

Houston Wire & Cable Co. offers a variety of products, including IEEE 1580 Type P Cables, and is an authorized distributor of Gexol® oil and gas cables. These cables are made to withstand the harsh conditions found in both onshore and offshore drilling rigs.
With exceptional durability, flame retardancy, resistance to drilling mud, and oil resistance, Type P Rig Cables ensure reliability in extreme conditions. Houston Wire & Cable Co. specializes in providing high-quality cables and strives to fulfill customer orders efficiently, offering hard-to-find specialty items as well.

Location: Houston, Texas
Founder: Jeff Siegfried
Founding Year: 1975


Grand Ocean Marine is a professional supplier of special cables, offering a diverse range of products to meet various industry needs. With over 20 years of experience, they specialize in the production and development of customized cables to fulfill client requirements.
Their portfolio includes ship-to-shore connection power cables, drum reeling cables, festoon cables, welding cables, drag chain cables, rubber cables, and underwater cables. They prioritize high flexibility, durability, and resistance to chemical, mechanical, and thermal stresses.

Location: No.1299, East Section of Yinxian Avenue,Yinzhou Dist, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Founder: Mr Jack
Founding Year: 1986


One of the leading producers of type P cables in the USA is Allied Wire & Cable, which provides wire and cable solutions. They have many goods and are experts in Type P cables. Type P cables are robust for harsh settings, such as industrial applications, mining operations, and oil rigs.
These cables offer excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Allied Wire & Cable offers a wide range of Type P cables, ensuring reliable and high-performance solutions for various industries. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them a trusted choice for wire and cable needs.

Location: Collegeville, PA
Founder: Tim Flynn
Founding Year: 1987


Wire & Cable Your Way is a leading supplier of wire and cable products, catering to many customers worldwide. With a solid commitment to delivering Type P cable products at competitive prices, they offer a comprehensive selection of cables, including Unarmored 2KV, 600V/1kV and Type P Instrumentation Cables.
Their products are available by foot, with no cut charges, and are shipped swiftly to your location. At Wire & Cable Your Way, they prioritize customer satisfaction by providing user-friendly ordering processes, excellent customer care, and prompt delivery.

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Founder: Jeff Annenberg
Founding Year: 2011


ICC Cable Corp is a premium wire and cable product supplier based in New Jersey that supplies to the building, utility, marine, and oil and gas industries. ICC Cable Corp has amassed a sizable inventory of wires, cables, and electrical accessories thanks to its unwavering dedication to quality.
As a leader in the industry, they set the global standard for world-class wire and cable. Their main cable product, Type P cable, is renowned for its reliability and performance. Count on ICC Cable Corp for exceptional service and top-notch products to meet your project requirements.

Location: Fort Lee, NJ
Founder: Jang Kim
Founding Year: 1984


Conch Co. is a trusted distributor of top-tier lighting and electrical products, prominently featuring their flagship offering, Type P cables. Renowned for their exceptional strength, impact resistance, flexibility, and resistance to mud and oil, Conch Co.’s Type P cables are a testament to their commitment to delivering high-quality and durable solutions in the lighting and electrical industry.
With various options available, these cables protect against heat, cold, flame, chemicals, moisture, and abrasion. Complying with industry standards, Type P cables ensure reliable performance and longevity in demanding offshore oil and gas drilling operations. Contact Conch Co. today for all your lighting and electrical needs.

Location: Houston, TX
Founder: Cangelose Lary
Founding Year: 1979


1X Technologies is a Type P cable manufacturer and supplier in Wyoming used for marine and offshore applications. Their TYPE P CABLE is designed to withstand extreme environments, including cold, heat, vibration, and corrosion.
With cross-linked polyolefin insulation and jacketing, their cables offer unmatched reliability and durability. Available in various constructions, including power, control, instrumentation, and communication, their threads are flame-retardant, mud-resistant, and fire-resistant. They specialize in armored cables for maximum durability.

Location: Sheridan, WY
Founder: Bernt Øyvind Børnich
Founding Year: 2014


Established in 1897, Prysmian Group wire and cable company specializes in energy and telecom solutions. With a strong presence in various countries, including Europe, America, Asia Pacific, and Africa, Prysmian Group is known for its extensive range of high-quality cable products.
One of their main cable products is the Type P cable, which offers exceptional performance and reliability in demanding applications. As a public company, Prysmian Group is committed to delivering innovative solutions, maintaining strong governance, and building trusted relationships with customers worldwide.

Location: Milan Italy
Founder: Valerio Battista
Founding Year: 1897


With over 70 years of experience and expertise in wire and cable industry, Nassau National Cable provides a large selection of products with outstanding performance and dependability from well-known brands like Belden, Alpha Wire, and Lapp Cable.
Specialty cables like Type P cable, frequently used in maritime, shipbuilding, and oil and gas applications, are included in their vast inventory. With a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, Nassau National Cable offers worldwide shipping, prompt assistance, and quotes within 15 minutes.

Location: Great Neck, NY
Founder: Samuel Draper
Founding Year: 1950


A well-known business that specializes in electrical supplies and solutions is State Electric Supply Co. They meet a variety of industry needs with their extensive product line, which includes Allen-Bradley components, industrial drives, safety devices, power distribution equipment, and lighting solutions.
Type P cable is one of their most prominent products. Type P cable is widely used in many applications, offering dependable electrical connectivity and guaranteeing effective power transmission. It is well-known for its durability and adaptability. For all electrical requirements, State Electric Supply Co. is a reliable partner.

Location: Huntington, WV
Founder: John Spoor
Founding Year: 1952


Bhuwal Insulation Cable Private Limited is a distinguished company focusing on delivering high-quality cable solutions. Their extensive product range includes the Type P cable, known for its reliability and performance.
With a commitment to excellence, Bhuwal Insulation Cable has earned a reputation as a trusted manufacturer in the cable industry. Their dedication to quality and innovation ensures that they meet the diverse needs of their customers, making them a top choice for cable solutions in various applications.

Location: India
Founder: Jignesh Mehta
Founding Year: 1986


Anixter is a leading global supplier of electrical and network infrastructure solutions. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, they have established themselves as a trusted partner in the industry. They are known for their expertise in providing innovative solutions to complex challenges.
Among their offerings, Type P cable stands out as a primary product. This rugged and reliable cable is designed for demanding environments, providing excellent performance and durability. Anixter is committed to delivering superior products and exceptional customer service to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Location: Glenview, IL
Founder: William Galvin
Founding Year: 1957


SMC Electric, a trusted name in electrical solutions, boasts a rich legacy of providing top-quality products and services. Their commitment to excellence is evident through offerings like the Draka BOSTRIG™ 026145 Type P Power Cable.
With a strong focus on reliability, SMC Electric is your go-to source for premium Type P cables and a wide range of electrical solutions. Explore their extensive product line and experience unmatched quality and expertise.

Location: Springfield, Missouri
Founder: Everett Squires
Founding Year: 1950


14.Service Wire

Since 1968, Service Wire Company has been a respected name known for best-in-class service and industry-leading inventory. They specialize in crafting the highest quality American-made wire and cable products for various applications.
One of their standout offerings is the Type P cable, demonstrating their dedication to providing top-notch solutions for various applications. With a legacy built on quality and commitment, Service Wire Company is your trusted source for exceptional cable products and outstanding service.

Location: Culloden, WV
Founder: Louis Weisberg
Founding Year: 1968


15.Prime Cable

Prime Cab India is a prominent player in the cable manufacturing industry in India, known for its commitment to excellence since 1997. Their main cable product, the Type P cable, exemplifies their dedication to delivering reliable and high-quality solutions for various applications.
With over 25 years of rich history and a customer-centric approach, Prime Cab India has earned a strong reputation in the market. Their extensive product line and innovative solutions make them a preferred choice for cable needs, providing excellence in every cable they produce.

Location: Delhi India
Founding Year: 1997


Top 15 Type P Cable Manufacturers

Type P Cable, an essential component in industrial and high-power applications, ensures safe and efficient power transmission. Its importance lies in its ability to handle high voltage and current loads with exceptional reliability.

Critical features of Type P Cable include robust insulation and jacket materials, which shield against environmental factors, chemicals, and mechanical damage. Moreover, flame and fire resistance ensure safety in industrial settings, while high electrical conductivity minimizes power losses.

Compliance with industry standards underscores its reliability, and customization options allow tailoring to specific needs. Type P Cable is a cornerstone for dependable and secure power distribution, making it indispensable in demanding industrial environments.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Type P Cable Manufacturers

Top 15 Type P Cable Manufacturers (1)

Reputation and Experience

Select a Type P cable manufacturer with a solid reputation and a wealth of experience in the industry. Established manufacturers have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and are more likely to provide reliable solutions tailored to your needs.

Certifications and Compliance

Ensure the manufacturer’s Type P cables comply with industry standards and regulations. Certification ensures that the wires meet safety and performance requirements, giving you peace of mind in your selection.

Quality Control

Manufacturers should have rigorous quality control processes to maintain consistency and reliability in their cable production. This ensures that each cable meets stringent quality standards, reducing the risk of defects.

Customization Capability

Look for manufacturers who offer customization options to accommodate specific project requirements. Customized solutions can be tailored to suit unique applications and ensure optimal performance.

Customer Support and Warranty

Evaluate the level of customer support provided by the manufacturer. A responsive and supportive manufacturer can be invaluable in addressing inquiries and issues. Also, inquire about warranties for coverage in case of unexpected cable issues.

Pricing and Lead Times

Consider the manufacturer’s pricing and lead times in your decision-making process. While cost is a factor, it should be balanced with the other considerations to ensure you receive a high-quality Type P cable that meets your project’s needs within a reasonable timeframe.


In conclusion, selecting Type P cable manufacturers is a critical decision in any industrial or high-power project. With the top 15 Type P Cable Manufacturers listed, you have a starting point to explore reliable options.

Prioritizing reputable manufacturers with extensive experience, adherence to industry standards, stringent quality control, customization capabilities, robust customer support, and competitive pricing ensures that your Type P cable needs are met with excellence.

Understanding the unique characteristics of Type P cables, their significance in power distribution, and the critical factors for manufacturer selection is vital. These considerations collectively guarantee the success and safety of your high-power applications. Choose wisely, and your projects will benefit from reliable and efficient power transmission.