Marine Butterfly Valve

A marine butterfly valve, which uses a disc mechanism to control fluid flow, is an essential part of nautical systems. It is perfect for shipboard applications because of its small size and dependable performance, which guarantees effective liquid management in maritime situations.

Types of Marine Butterfly Valve

Designed to withstand harsh marine environments, high-performance butterfly valves provide remarkable throttling control, longevity, and resistance to erosion and cavitation, which qualifies them for uses where exact flow control and dependability are critical.

Featuring three offsets in the shaft, seat, and cone angles, this valve offers precise control, corrosion resistance, and bubble-tight sealing, making it a dependable option for demanding marine applications that demand durability and high performance.

This marine butterfly valve minimises wear, lowers friction, and maintains tight sealing, improving performance and endurance in harsh marine settings and has two offsets, one in the shaft and one in the seat.

These valves are perfect for marine applications where space is restricted since they have threaded lugs on both sides that make installation and removal simple and don’t interfere with the pipeline.

Installed in between flanges, the wafer-type butterfly valve offers effective and affordable fluid flow control in marine systems. Its lightweight, compact shape makes it easy to install.


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Grandocean helps customers extend the life of its marine butterfly valves by offering extensive technical documentation, which includes installation instructions and maintenance guidelines.

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Marine Check Valve Overview

  • A vital part of marine systems.
  • Prevents backflow by guaranteeing one-way flow.

Flow Characteristics

  • One-way movement.
  • Little dip in pressure.
  • Prompt reaction to direction changes in the flow.

Maintenance Procedure

  • Routine examination for debris.
  • Oil the moving components.
  • Replace any broken seals right away.
  • Examine for corrosion and take appropriate action.


  • A straightforward style.
  • Low upkeep.
  • Trustworthy prevention of backflow.
  • Fit for a wide range of maritime uses.