Marine Globe Valve

The marine globe valve, which controls the flow of fluid via ship pipelines, is an essential part of maritime systems. Its exact control over fuel, water, and other fluids is ensured by its durability and dependability design, which helps to assure the safe and effective operation of maritime vessels.

Types of Marine Globe Valve

This kind of marine globe valve is screw-operated and is made to only permit fluid flow in one direction, preventing backflow.

An angle marine globe valve is ideal for applications where space is limited because of its 90-degree bend in the flow stream.

Often used in marine systems to regulate fluid movement, the lift check globe valve has a disc that raises off the seat to permit flow in one direction and closes to prevent backflow.

This marine globe valve offers dual functionality by combining the functions of a stop valve and a check valve and permits flow control and stops backflow.

This nautical globe valve, which uses a flexible diaphragm to regulate flow, is appropriate for situations in which it is crucial to prevent fluid contact with internal valve components.


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To control the flow of fluid in pipes aboard ships and offshore structures, a Marine Globe Valve is an essential part of maritime systems.


Mostly used in marine applications to regulate the flow of gases or liquids, guaranteeing accurate fluid management.


Allows for the effective and dependable regulation of fluid flow, which makes it possible to isolate or modify media in maritime systems.

Working Principle

Functions using a moveable disc called a globe that either allows or blocks the passage of fluid. The valve stem controls this movement.


  • Cooling systems.
  • Engine rooms.
  • Ballast Systems.
  • Fuel systems.

Key Features

  • Sturdy design for resilience under challenging maritime conditions.
  • Accurate flow management to achieve maximum system efficiency.
  • Materials resistant to corrosion that can endure exposure to saltwater.


To sum up, a Marine Globe Valve plays a crucial role in controlling fluid flow on ships, guaranteeing smooth and managed operations in marine settings.