Marine Network Cable

Marine network cable also called marine data cable or marine LAN cable, which requires high quality and conformity to the highest maritime standards. It features flame retardant, halogen free, low smoke.

We provide a wide range of marine network cables, including Cat5E S/FTP, Cat6A S/FTP, Cat7 S/FTP, and more. All cable types have obtained ABS, BV, CCS, LR, DNV-GL, CCS certificates.


Marine Network Cable

Marine network cable, also called marine data or LAN cable, it is specifically intended for the LAN data transmission on shipboards are known as marine network cables or marine data cable.

In difficult marine situations, these sturdy cables offer dependable data transfer and connectivity. Because of the qualities, they are perfect for connecting various systems, such as underwater sensors, cameras, and communication equipment on ships, offshore platforms, and other marine installations.

They are essential for sustaining effective and secure communication networks because of their robust design and high-performance capabilities.

Types of Marine Network Cables

Cat.5E S/FTP

Cat.5E S/FTP marine data cable is designed to support Cat 5 enhanced link and channel performance with internationally defined physical and electrical performance up to 100MHz. It is flame retardant, low smoke and halogen free.

Cat.6A S/FTP

Cat.6A S/FTP marine LAN cable is designed to support Cat 6A link and channel performance. With internationally defined physical and electrical performance up to 500MHz. It is oil resistant, UV resistant, low smoke and halogen free.

Cat.7 S/FTP

Cat.7 S/FTP cable is designed for generic cabling system, including 10/100/1000 base-T, 10G, ATM & Token Ring. This range of cable can support Cat.7 link and channel performance with internationally defined physical and electrical performance up to 600MHz.


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Features of Marine Network Cables

Long Transmission Distances

These cables have low attenuation properties that enable data to be carried over greater distances without a substantial loss of signal strength, making them appropriate for use in big ships and offshore applications requiring extensive connectivity.

EMI Shielding

To guarantee continuous data transmission, marine network cables are outfitted with strong EMI shielding that protects against external electromagnetic emissions that are frequently present in marine environments, which lowers the risk of signal disruption and data corruption.

Improved Water Resistance

These cables have specialized jackets and moisture-blocking layers that stop water from entering. This ensures signal integrity and lowers the possibility of signal loss or electrical damage due to moisture penetration in marine conditions.

Amazing Flexibility

Marine network cables are very flexible, making it simple to place them on ships, boats, or undersea facilities in small spaces and around tight corners without sacrificing signal quality or structural integrity.

Marine Network Cable Specification

Water ResistanceTo endure the effects of moisture and probable splashes or spills, maritime cables must have a particular level of waterproofing.
UV ResistanceCables should be made of UV-resistant materials to minimize deterioration over time since ships are frequently exposed to sunshine and other external elements.
Mechanical StrengthCables need to be strong enough to withstand the mechanical impacts and vibrations that can happen to a moving ship.
Compliance with regulationsTo ensure that maritime cables are suitable for usage in marine environments, they should adhere to appropriate industry standards and approvals.
FeaturesLow smoke and halogen free, Flame Retardant


There are different types of network cables commonly used in various networking scenarios. Some of the most widely used network cable types include Ethernet cable (Cat5E, Cat6A, Cat7), Coaxial cable, fibre optic cable, USB (universal serial bus) cable, HDMI(high definition multimedia interface cable) and so on.

Category 5E, Category 6A, Cat7, RG-6, RG59, single-mode fibre, multi-mode fibre, HDMI 1.4 HDMI 2.0, display port 1.2, display port 1.4, powerline adapter and display port 2.0 are all names of networking cables.

Yes, we have large quantity of marine network cable types Cat.5E S/FTP, Cat.6A S/FTP and Cat.7 S/FTP in stock. They are packed by 500m/reel.

Our marine network cables are marine type approved by ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, LR classification societies.